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Nordic Beach Lavender Mist
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Nordic Beach Lavender Mist

Nordic Beach Lavender Mist

$85.00 Excl. tax
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Made from our light & fluffy cotton candy signature fabric. The super soft micro-poly is easy to care for. Read more.

Product description

  • Made from our light & fluffy cotton candy signature fabric. The super soft micro poly is easy to care for.
  • Thank You for making me a part of your life. Just know, I’ll always be here to keep you comfy and cozy on cold & chilly days. or just for a comforting hug whenever you may need one.
  • I would like to be around & looking my best for you as long as possible. So if you wouldn’t mind, occasionally I like to have a lint roller, preferably the kind with the strong adhesive, rolled over my entire body. It’s really easy. just roll in one direction a few times & then in the opposite direction. This will help with keeping me fluffy & clean.
  • Oh BTW, I really do not get along very well with backpacks. They matt down my backside, so I hope you will avoid wearing them over me. Thank you sooooo much!



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